Yusichev Anatolii Yusichev Anatolii

 was born in 1959 in Odesa. Currently works as a hobby instructor and art-therapy coach at Pavlov Psychiatry Hospital. In his artist`s works Anatolii combines several styles: symbolism, abstract compositions, primitivism, some other styles and genres of contemporary art. An excerpt from the interview to

"This all stems from nervous breakdowns... I was born in Odessa. Twice married. Both women needed only money. After the second divorce I left my apartment to the wife. Then I moved to the village, where I lived in a small house that I had built for myself.

 After the divorce I could not get acquainted with the women for about 16 years... My salary equalled 120 rubles, half of which I gave away to my daughters. The money that remained was not enough even for buying food. This led to exhaustion. I could not work any more. Then I had a nervous breakdown and was taken to the mental hospital..."

 At the beginning of 1990s Anatolii met an artist, Borys Yeghiazarian, who took Anatolii to his living place. In the morning Anatolii prepared breakfast and watched Borys draw his pictures at daytime. In 1999 he took up drawing himself.

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