Yakiv Yushchenko

Yakiv Yushchenko was born in the village of Lekhnivka, Kyiv region.

Yakiv acquired primary education in his native village. Later he studied at basanivskŠ° technical school, then worked as a teacher and studied at the correspondence department of Kyiv Pedagogical Institute, after the graduation from which he taught Mathematics, Geography and Drawing at Lekhnivsk school. Starting from his childhood Yakiv drew and wrote poems. During the Second World War the artist was mobilized into the army. Having survived all the disasters of the war he returned to his native village and continued to work at school, first as a deputy head teacher and then as a headmaster. On the whole the artist painted more than 100 pictures, wrote 53 poems, three volumes of prose.

Yakiv Yushchenko`s pictures convey originality of his perception of the world and express a strong emotional charge of his artistic creative personality.

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