Yarmolenko Panas Mykolaiovych was born in 1886 in Mala Karatul, Kyiv region.

Yarmolenko PanasAlmost nothing is known about his art education. Over 10 years Panas Yarmolenko lived with his family in Pereiaslav, where he worked as an artist in a local community center and taught drawing at school. The 1932-1945 timespan was the most produсtive for Panas - many of his works bear those dates. Panas Yarmolenko worked on a by-order basis for his fellow villagers and residents of neighboring villages. From 1921 (the first known picture) to 1956 (the year of his death), he created hundreds of portraits including family portraits for the villages surrounding Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky. Most of them were created in 1933 and the tough war years (1942-1944). The artist might also draw portraits of dead relatives from photographs. But, fortunately, many portraits were painted for people who knew Panas Yarmolenko and left memories of the artist and his works. Most interesting are stories that are embodied in the pictures drawn by Panas Yarmolenko and his daughter Yakylyna - U can read about them in the book "PANAS Yarmolenko. Portrait of my land" (Rodovid, 2006).

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