Yaroslav YanovskyiYaroslav Yanovskyi was born in 1965 in Ivano-Frankivsk. The artist studied at Ivan Trush Lviv School of Applied Arts.
Starting from 2007 Yanovskyi has also been the head of the folk cinema studio "Verkhovyna".
The artist`s masterpieces are marked by postmodern artistic strategies, in particular - simulation of mass production. Yanovskyi`s works are beyond stylistic and formal restrictions. In most works the artist seeks to extrapolate outward the subjective metaphorical senses.
The artist has participated in a number of major art events and programs of contemporary art in Ukraine since 1989.

Yanovskyi is successful in painting and in cinema art, video installations and multimedia, was in charge of several art projects in Regensburg (Germany).
Yaroslav Yanovskyi participated in all Ivano-Frankivsk biennales "Impreza" and attended art programs in different countries.

Interview with the artist

Exhibition "IO"("ЙО" in Ukrainian)