A separate street art movement which really deserves to be identified as "brut" is ZHEK art (from "Housing and utilities administration" in soviet times).

Zhek art - is a unique in content and form cultural phenomenon that was born on the territory of post-Soviet space. 

With limited budget our valiant folks do what they can. Simple crafts and quaint small architectural forms serve as decorations for yards, parks, lawns and what not! Leaky basins, plastic bottles of beer, old tires, remenants of a tree - so are born masterpieces ZHEK art.

Another interesting phenomenon is contemporary street sculpturing, which took roots mostly in Kyiv. Unexpected sculptures dot the Kyiv landscape. They are small and unpretentious, though extremely cute, and sprinkled all over the city center, on sidewalks and in gardens.

Many are produced by the Kyiv Landscape Initiative organization and created by sculptor Kostiantyn Skrytutskyi, who is noted for decorating Peizazhna Alley with sculptures of toothy cats that won the hearts of local residents.

The monument to the prominent character of the Soviet cartoon “Hedgehog in the Fog” appeared on the intersection of Zolotovorotskaya St., Reitarskaya St. and Georgiivskyi Lane several years ago. The cartoon character sits on the high stump and holds a small bundle with jam in his paws. The hedgehog’s sculpture is made of pine, several thousands of screws and iron net. For more information visit the following web-pages:

Zhek-art -

Skrytuts`kyj sculptures -Костянтин_Скритуцький