Petro Slavinskyi (self-portrait)

Slavinskyi Petro

is a person of many talents who does not limit himself to a particular art medium. Petro engaged in a large number of projects, but unlike many people, who spread themselves thin, he always brings the work to an end. His inspiration strikes anyone who has an opportunity to watch him in the creative process. Petro`s scope of knowledge is outstanding, his consciousness together with imagination  collects separate grains of experience and information and converts those bits into the magic imagery of his scripts, stories, sketches, cartoons and paintings.

Currently Petro is a writer, a playwright, a computer animator, a poet, a painter and a sculptor.

But that's not all! Petro Slavynsky got interested in theater and has already created several distinct and vivid stage characters! We are looking forward to surprises and undiscovered secrets of his unique personality.

Petro`s animation on YouTube:

"How the Tit Set the Sea on FIRE"