Polina RaikoPolina Roiko (1928-2004)

Polina started to draw at the age of 69. The Imagery of the artist combines Christian, Soviet and pagan symbols. Polina painted on the walls of her house, summer kitchen, gates, fences and garage door using the cheapest paint - enamel PF. The images on the walls stylistically reproduce the artist`s own biography, her relatives, pets, elements of nature. Polina spent all her meager pension on paints and brushes.

Some paintings also depict Rajko`s dreams and what she found interesting in the labels of beverage bottles,  wrappers of sweets, postcards, envelopes. In particular, once in her dream she saw the so-called "Statue of Liberty" as a military nurse and in the morning painted it on one wall. They say that during the war Polina Rayko worked as a military nurse. "I am happy when I paint," - used to say Polina Rayko.

The husband, who was a drunkard, was painted by Polina as sitting in a boat with a kobza in his hands and placed a lot of bottles with various alcoholic drinks nearby "to let him got drunk to the top of his bent".

After the death of the artist, the house was bought by a married couple of art-lovers from Canada, thanks to whom the house remains relatively intact. At their request, the house is looked after by local women. But because of the house dilapidation the walls got already cracked and the paint started to peel off. Was established charitable foundation named Raiko, who collected funds for the promotion of its work. However, the issue of how to preserve the original paintings in the artist`s house remains unresolved.

In 2005 - a catalog of Paulina Rayko`s works "Road to Paradise" was published. In 2006 documentary "Paradise" was released.
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