YEVMEN PSHECHENKO (sorry, no photo available so far...)

Zhongler by Yevgen PshechenkoYevmen Pshechenko (1880-1933).

Starting from 1914 Yevmen worked in a workshop in Verbivtsi, helping his wife to make drawings for embroideries gradually moving to work independently and creating decorative compositions. Under the leadership of Natalia Davydova and Alexandra Ekster he created sketches for embroidery and different drawings on paper, which had to be rendered afterwards in embroidery.

Yevmen Pshechenko`s works were exhibited at "the Exhibition of Modern Decorative Arts. Embroidery and rugs on sketches by artists" at Lemersye gallery in 1915 in Moscow. There were three of his embroidered cushions and 32 sketches for embroidery exhibited. In the preface to the catalog Yevmen is referred to as a "primitive artist with wonderful appealing poetic perception". It was also noted that the contribution of the workshop is "the involvement of contemporary folk art into the general art process".
Pshechenko participated in "the Second Exhibition of Modern Decorative Arts" and a number of other Moscow exhibitions, where his works were a great success.
Most of the artist`s works depict fantastic animals and birds, that are organically combined with ornamental motifs, creating a fantastic environment of their existence. Of particular note is a series of works, united by the themes and images of circus performances, perceived by Yevmen as folk festivals or traditional fairs deeply rooted in folk festivals and performances of buffoons. Some of such works are: "Acrobat", "Juggler", "Gigant", "Joker". Yevmen Pshechenko`s works are sincere and direct, they seamlessly blend realism, naive symbolism and convention.
His works are hosted by the Museum of Ukrainian Decorative Folk Art in Kiev.