maria primachenko 12.01.15Maria Avksentiivna Prymachenko

(born on 30 December 1908 (on 12 January 1909) in the village of Bolotnia, Kyiv oblast - died on 18 August 1997 in the same village) was a National artist of Ukraine, a representative of the world primitivism (naive painting), a winner of the T. G. Shevchenko National award of Ukraine, one of the most famous Ukrainian artists. She worked in the technique of gouache, oil painting, embroidery, and ceramics. Her oeuvre is represented by graphic sheets on animalistic topics, decorative flowerpot compositions, plot and genre paintings, closely associated with the traditions of folk art of Polissia and exterior murals.

Maria's childhood was darkened by a dreadful disease - poliomyelitis. This made her unusually serious and observant for her age, and sharpened her hearing and sight.

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