Oleh Gryshchenko Olena Staranchuk Anna Sarvira Anastasia DenysenkoPictoric (founded in 2014)

is an illustrators club, which unites contemporary illustrators but pays little attention to the level of their art education, creates illustration and design projects, organizes exhibitions and workshops, often exhibiting raw art works, however, not restricting its choices by any criteria. For almost two years of existance Pictoric illustrators, designers and graphic artists have worked on the design of many Ukrainian books, arranged outdoor exhibition of posters in Lviv, brought to Kyiv their colleagues from Poland and the Czech Republic to open the exhibition on the second floor of the Administration of the President of Ukraine and leave a trace in the Library of Congress of the USA.

Their projects include:

FOLK WISDOM: Ivan Honchar Museum was the initiator of the project "Folk wisdom", which includes font posters of Ukrainian folk sayings. A collection of posters was exhibited at the museum in Kiev, and then become a mobile exhibition.

SHAKESPEARE, SHAKE THE SPIRIT: a special project devoted to the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death, an exhibition of posters for the plays of the most famous playwright in the world. This visual interpretation of the works can be considered as an attempt to shake naphthalene cliches when it comes to most illustrations attached to Shakespeare's classics. 

Polish-Ukrainian illustration exhibition PICTORIC as part of the 4th INTERNATIONAL ARSENAL BOOK FESTIVAL: Exhibition organized for communication of Polish and Ukrainian artists, publishers and general public interested in book illustrations. The exhibition featured works of modern graphic artists and students of art academies. 
PROMINENT UKRAINIANS: the exhibition took place in Lviv and Kyiv and was devoted to Ukrainian prominent scientists and art people.

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