Mulyk Volodymyr

"Vovodymyr Mulyk is a convinced pacifist, old Hippі. Poetics and pathos of his paintings, in my opinion, are quite rock 'n' rollwise, The roots of his work, along with the crown I would add on to the classic rock culture" - Yurko Izdryk

Volodymyr Mulyk is a self-taught artist and writer.

In his international in content and form work you wont find city landscapes or portraits of townspeople. Graphics, painting and not yet published prose are what the genius loci is to be studied for, the spirit of the city. Furthermore, Volodymyr Mulyk is a reknowned "visual representative" of "Stanislav Phenomenon" (read more about "Stanislav Phenomenon").

Mulyk works mostly in primitivist style with subtle motifs of allegory and surrealism. Being a pop-art admirer, the artist (accidetally or on purpose))) tunes his works with somewhat "warholian" illustrative touch.


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