Moldovanov Dmytro

Dmytro Moldovanov was born in Mykolaiiv in 1967.
In 1988 he entered Odessa Grekov Art School.
From 1991 on the artist actively exhibits in Ukraine and abroad.
At some point, the artist abandoned vocational education, refering to himself in public media as being "half-self-educated".
The artist works in the style of outsider art. One of the most recursive themes of his works is the theme of victimhood in the context of animal fighting. Victims of the paintings cleared of cultural influences and the reality of the paintings is neither sacred nor shameful. The only thing that drives those animals is instinct. although the modern viewer is far from their initial primitive natural state, and although the animals are depicted as being devoid of emotion, there is still an eagerness to see the fear in the victim`s eyes or aggression in the eyes of the attacker.