Lysenko Ivan

Lysenko Ivan

Ivan Lysenko (*September 14, 1921, the village of Zolotonoshka, Cherkasy region - †September 2, 1997, the same village) - an artist, collector and cultural activist.

Ivan was born in a family of grain-farmers. In 1935 he graduated from the local school, then worked at kolhosp (a type of collective farm in the Soviet Union). During WW2 he was taken captive several times, repeatedly ran away, got into the concentration camp Buchenwald. Ivan returned to his home village in 1945. Lysenko took up painting during his military service (since 1946). After finishing his service, he worked as a director of Zolotonoshka library, the local House of Culture, founded a museum of the village`s history.

He graduated from the College of Culture, Kharkiv Institute of Culture, where he studied librarianship.

In 1950 the first picture "Field of the edge of the village" appeared. On the whole, Ivan created over a hundred of oil paintings on canvas and plywood. Most of them depict the true rural life of Ukrainian country people in the middle of the XXth century.

In 1975 the artist created a vocal-ethnographic singing "Zolotonoshkivski Vechory", which operated until 1983. In 1974 Lysenko was a winner of the All-Soviet-Union Amateur Artists` Exhibition "Labor Glory ", later - the All-Soviet-Union festival of amateur art workers, Lysenko also founded a museum, which received the status of "national "(1984). In 1980 he was awarded the Presidium Diploma of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, in 1985 - the honorary title "Honored Master of Folk Art of Ukrainian SSR". He initiated the creation of his village art gallery "Friendship of Nations", which was opened in 1988 and exhibited a valuable collection of works of amateur artists from various Soviet republics.

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