Kuznietsova Uliana Ivanivna 

(Havryliuk maiden name) was born in a peasant family on March 9, 1910 in the village of Mala Volytsya, Zhytomyr region. Her parents died during the 1930s famine years. Hardly making ends meet, she went to work at Shevchenko kolhosp (a type of collective farm in the Soviet Union) in the village of Mala Volytsya, where she worked in various field work. She married Mykola Kuznetsov and gave birth to three children.

Uliana Kuznetsova

The artist was not educated and was not even able to read and write until the 60s. Nevertheless, Uliana knew a lot of Ukrainian folk songs and sang in the church choir in her youth.

In her spare time she spent time sewing, embroiding. In the evenings, often going "divychnyky" (mostly known as "vechornytsi" - traditional Ukrainian gatherings of young unmarried girls for work and entertainment) where every girl did everyday chores and crafts: embroidering, sewing, knitting - all those activities were accompanied by songs, stories, memories and conversations.
When embroiding towels, pillow covers, sheets etc. Uliana used her own compositions with ornaments, figures, applied different techniques, often invented by herself. Basically all embroideries that are relatively intact were made after 1960. The rest of the works were used up.
She died in 1999 and was buried in the village of Mala Volytsya.
Click Here and U`ll find the artist`s works exhibited by her ultra-talanted grandson Volodymyr.


PS: I could not but mention here Uliana`s grandson VOLODYMYR KUZNIETSOV. IMHO Volodymyr is one of the most talanted designers and artists ever! Check out his works here!