Sisters Gomeniuk (Yaryna and Sofiia)

Yaryna Gomeniuk (1913-1989) and Sofiia Gomeniuk-Melnyk (1921-2001) were born in the village of Rodnykivka near Uman in Cherkasy region.

Gomeniuk sisters inherited artistic talent from their parents.

Left orphaned in their early childhood, the sisters had a really tough life. The sisters created their masterpieces in the technique of gouache on paper or cardboard. They made painting brushes from forest herbs by themselves, each paint required a different brush.
Optimistic and life-asserting works of the sisters express inexhaustible imagination, associative and metaphorical imagery. The extraordinary versatility of ordinary subjects, the ability to endow the flowers and plants with the spirituality of human life is a defining feature of Gomeniuk sisters` creative method.
Zaporizhzhia museum hosts about a hundred masterpieces created by Gomeniuk sisters. They are mostly refered to as representatives of naive art and primitivism

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