IrynaFedderIryna Fedder was born in 1960 in Kiev.

She graduated from the Kiev Vocational School of Industrial Design, where she studied at the art studio of the October Palace. For the last 10 years she has been living and working in Berlin. In 2007 she started working as a decorative artist in Theaterkapelle, Berlin. Her first presentation – in Ukraine – of the series ‘Tralfamadore; or The Love of Three Oranges’ took place at the ART KYIV Contemporary 2013 Exhibition. In Germany, where Ms Fedder’s creativity has drawn a wide response, her paintings are called ‘New European Postmodernism’. Her works are included in many private collections in Ukraine, Germany, France and Spain. Some thoughts of Iryna about her own art: "My works are not beautiful in the canonical sense. Some people like my pictures aesthetically and after a while they try to understand the idea; some reject them peremptorily. There are no indifferent viewers. At the last exhibition one woman was absolutely shocked by my works, she even started to tell every viewer how terrible they were. I am very excited that someone can loathe them so much".


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