Bilokur Kateryna

Bilokur Kateryna Vasylivna

(November 25, 1900, the village of Bogdanivka, Kyiv region - June 10, 1961, the same village) - a Ukrainian folk decorative painter, representative of "naive art".

Kateryna took up drawing in her childhood despite her parents` disapproval of this activity and their clampdown on it.

Years later the artist recalled:

"I used to steal a piece of white cloth from my mum and took coals. I draw on one side of the cloth something, admired it for some time and turned the cloth to the other side and draw there as well. Then I would wash that piece of cloth - and draw again... I usually draw landscapes, but once I devised some imaginative birds ..."
Kateryna worked with watercolor and pencil very little. More often she used oil paints. The artist created brushes by herself - chose those of
the same length from a cat`s tail. Kateryna also mastered the technique of priming the canvas by herself. Nowadays she is mostly known as a representative of Ukrainian naive art.  

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