Bilokin Nadiia

Nadiia Avramivna Bilokin

(born September 8, 1893, the village of Petrykivka, Dnipro region - died February 5, 1981, Radselo, Dnipro region) - one of the leading masters of Petrykivka painting - a traditional Ukrainian decorative painting, which originates from Dnipropetrovsk region of Ukraine, Petrykivka village. Nadiia is considered to be one of the best craftswomen of painting "maliovky" - drawings executed with inexpensive aniline dyes on thin paper.
Here is an exerpt of what Nadiia Bilokin told her admirers about her life: "I was born in 1893 in the village of Petrykivka, Dnepropetrovsk region, in a family of poor peasants. Our family consisted of seven people. I could not get even primary education, for the hardships of the family were so great, that my parents were unable to send me to school.
When I was 12, surprisingly for all the members of our family, I began to help my mother decorate the house with malovky. In 1907, when I was 14, I decorated neighbors' fireplaces, walls and ceilings with maliovky. My work was praised by all the neighbors and this encouraged my mother to bring maliovky to the market where they would be sold out extremely quickly [...]

You can find more about the artist`s life and works in a book by O. Stativa "Nadiya Bilokin