agrafka (Romana Romanyshyn, Andrii Lesiv) Agrafka

is a creative workshop founded by two Lviv artists - Romana Romanyshyn and Andrii Lesiv. They both have been working in book design and illustration for nearly a decade, specializing in graphics, painting, illustration, design. They started with covers for books, then got down to full graphic setting of books and their illustrations.

The guys collect interesting illustrated books from different countries, admire painting, graphic design and book design. In their work, the artists combine different techniques and genres, yielding unexpected results. Most elements of their visual works are made of tactual materials: canvas, wood, paper. Agrafka create graphics in a variety of technical variations.

 Two years in a row the Ukrainian folk tales graphically designed by Agrafka appeared in one of the most prestigious international catalogs of  tales "the White Ravens": "The Mitten. Ukrainian folk tale" (2012) and "Turnip. The old tale told anew by Ivan Franko" (2013).

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